Seeking Stillness

A thought on Slowing Down

In a world where we are defined by the influence we have, the products we produce, the KPI’s we meet, the platform we build; where our worth & identity has never been more tied to these things, nothing may be as powerful or as Punk Rock in this modern era than to Stop, Slow down and be Still.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a practice about giving up or being distracted and lazy. This is about giving over control, being discerning and deliberate. “Being Still” may be the hardest, and possibly one of the most impactful, practices of Jesus for our modern time.

To be still and KNOW He is God. Not to be still…. but check emails. Not to be still….. but worry a little. Not to be still…… but rush through it, because you’re important and needed. NO. Be still and Know, or maybe for this season the challenge is to Be still and learn, and grow in the Knowledge that God has got IT.

Let’s be finding ways or rhythms to be still with God this Month and going forward.

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