Lent & Letting Go

A thought on Lent & Letting Go

Gone are the days of healthy, meaningful communities forming organically. With a sea of “Maybe” buttons on event invites and location pin drops for impromptu gatherings, it’s easy to feel like we’re constantly just a swipe or click away from connecting with others. But let’s be real: those interactions formed through swipes and likes can feel shallow and unsatisfying and work pressures, loss of mobility, relationship breakdowns, health issues can easily become challenges to engaging in community. Even traditional communities formed through work, sports clubs, or group projects can turn toxic or become overwhelming to maintain.

The Bible offers a solution: a Christ-centred community that is actively cultivated and nurtured through God’s people. This is a community that can rise above differences, extend forgiveness, and strive to make a deep, transformative impact on the world. No matter where we are, we can build good and beautiful communities by following Christ’s lead.

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