A thought on Hospitality

As we look at the world around us, there is an ever-increasing social pandemic of isolation and loneliness. While we have never been more connected as a people in history through digital platforms, we, at the same time have never been more disconnected relationally. Fueled by the western individualistic culture both inside and outside of the church, we are losing sight of what it means to deeply love and walk with one another.

There is a practice from the life of Jesus which helps us with this, it is…. HOSPITALITY. Hospitality is the act of expressing the welcoming love of Christ to others, those that are both friends and strangers.

Jesus invites people into His life to bless, to talk to, and to share a meal with. Ultimately Jesus gave His life for others – to provide a way for forgiveness of sin, and to invite us back into God’s family.

This season and practice gives us the encouragement to welcome others in grace, just like Christ has done with us – and show hospitality to the stranger and invite people into our lives, and around our table, with Jesus at the centre

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