Abiding (Rule of Life)

A thought on Abiding

The world screams for our attention, time and energy. It’s tech notifies us, beeps at us, even tells us it misses us. Advertising wants to make us feel guilty, not enough, not complete, and the Media runs on fear and anxiety. The world wants to form us into who they want us to be. They have a plan for our Discipleship. They are intentional. It’s clear we are all Disciples. The question is of who?

A Rule of Life seeks to work against the above. Not as a law or a restrictive practice that earns us God’s favour, or even as a way to get us something more then the Grace that God has already given.

Instead a Rule is a “Measure”; a way to measure what we take on, what we do with our time, energy and attention and of course a way to Intentionally point that towards Jesus, allowing us to “Abide in Him”, to “Follow” as he asks all of His Disciples.

St Benedict 6th Century called it a “A Framework for Freedom”

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